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Vegan Nutella

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Do you like Nutella? if yes this recipe is for you! Today I decided to prepared Nutella but one of my goals was not to use oil or sugar. I prefer the healthy side, I hope you like it. This recipe use only four ingredients.


2 cups Raw Hazelnuts

12 dates

1 cup of Plant based milk( I used Rice milk vanilla flavor)

3 tsp Cocoa powder


1- Put the hazelnuts in a mold and pre heat your oven at 350 degrees, once your oven temperature is ready warm your hazelnuts for about 10 to 12 minutes no more than 12, you do not want to burn the hazelnuts.

2- Transfer the hazelnuts and the other ingredients to a high speed blender. ( The blender I use is a Vitamix) and start to blend until is very creamy this is going to take like one or two minutes. If you need more liquid use 2 or 3 more tsp of milk no more than that. Serve and enjoy with bread, fruits or crackers!


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