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Spicy Thai Basil Pesto

Yesterday I was using a pesto from a grocery store, and then I thought why am I using this processed product. So I decided to make my own pesto. I tried several times and finally I obtained a very savory and spicy pesto, and is oil free and completely Gluten free, is good to marinate your tofu, also you can add this pesto or sauce to caramelize onions and veggies like peppers is so versatile. I try to avoid processed food and now that I have a GF diet, I have to be careful with the food. I hope you like this recipe, remember you can adjust the flavors always! I do not recommend oils in the food because oils are bad for the people who suffer a heart condition also it clogs your arteries and is bad for your cholesterol, however if you want to add oil you can. But actually is so good without the oil!


1 tsp Organic Peanut Butter

1/4 cumin powder

1/2 coriander powder

Bunch of fresh Basil

1 lemon juice

1 tsp fresh ginger

2 or 3 slices natural jalapeno

1 garlic clove

salt and pepper to taste( I use Himalayan salt also you can use sea salt)


Is super simple, just add all the ingredients to a food Processor and blend for 1 or 2 minutes, and if you need to adjust the flavor just do it and blend again.


Love, Cindy

This pesto loves Tofu, onions, and bell peppers
Spicy Thai Basil Pesto

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