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Chipotle Sofritas Version

Who doesn't like Chipotle? Let me tell you something this version of sofritas was a hit yesterday at my house. Why is this version better? You all know that when you go outside, sofritas are on the salty side, my version is flavorful but not salty at all. It also doesn't have oil. I hope you enjoy this recipe, my daughter who is not a Vegan also liked this recipe.


Ingredients for Sofritas Adobo:

4 mini Sweet peppers 2 red and 2 orange

1/2 organic white onion

1 tsp of Natural soy(I use Bragg's Brand)

1 tsp cuming

1 tsp Chipotle smoke red jalapeno powder

1 tsp smoke paprika

1/4 tsp guajillo powder

1/2 tsp of any taco seasoning(mine is from Trader Joes's)

1 tsp oregano

1 package of organic extra firm tofu

2 tsp liquid smoke

1 tsp of sugar ( I used organic coconut sugar )

For the Tri-bean blend:

2 Drained organic cans of Tri- bean blend( mix of kidney, pinto and black beans)

1/2 tsp cuming

1 tsp Liquid smoke

salt and pepper to taste (not to much)

a pinch of cayenne pepper

1 tsp smoked paprika

3 or 4 tsp of water(if it is to thick you can add more liquid, reserve a little bit of liquid from the can)


1. First you are going to take out the excess of water from your tofu with a paper towel, wrap the tofu in a paper towel and put something heavy on top, then cut your tofu in rectangular slices. Then in a non stick skillet put your slices and cook them until it's golden brown, at this point add 1 tsp of natural soy and 1 tsp of liquid smoke and continue cooking.

2. While you are cooking your tofu, put the peppers, onions, and spices in a food processor and add the natural soy, blend everything, if it's too thick add a little bit of water, the consistence that we want is chunky not liquid at all, blend and set aside.

3. Once your tofu is golden brown pulse your tofu in a food processor 2 or 3 times, not to much we want chunky pieces. Remove and transfer to a bowl.

4. Add the marinade to the tofu, at this point you can marinate your tofu for hour or left your to tofu and marinade overnight.

5. After step four, heat a skillet in medium temperature, add a little bit of water, also add the oregano, start with only 1/2 tsp since oregano has a strong flavor. If you like the flavor add the complete tsp of oregano, at this point add 1 tsp of sugar if it is too acidic or spicy, you can add another tsp of sugar, but be ware we want a spicy sofrita not a sweet sofrita.

Reduce temperature to low , at this point you can adjust the flavors (more salt or maybe you want more spiciness, feel free to add more) cook for about 15 minutes, and serve.

For the beans:

1. Put your beans in a pot with all the ingredients; adjust flavors, add a little bit of the liquid from the can and add a little bit of water to cook. Cook for about 15 or 20 minutes in medium low or low temperature.

To serve your dish, serve with brown rice, add your sofrita on top add avocado or guacamole also you can add corn mix with ciliantro as I did and garnish with more cilantro.


Love, Cindy

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