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Chickpea salad Sandwich AKA No Tuna Sandwich 

Today we had a brunch and I prepared a Chickpea salad sandwich aka No Tuna Sandwich and I added a Nori sheet, I just added one but next time I will add 2 for more flavor. It was delicious. It's extremely flavorful, filling and healthy. I love sandwiches specially big sandwiches. And this one can be a lunch or breakfast.


2 organic cans of chickpeas

1/2 small onion (I love vidalia onions for this sandwich)

2 celery sticks

1 roasted red bell pepper

3 or 4 cloves of garlic

2 tablespoon of Vegan Mayo

1 tablespoon of yellow mustard

1/2 Dijon mustard

Salt and pepper to taste

1 teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar (maybe 1 and a half teaspoon)

A dash of cayenne pepper (optional but highly recommended)

1 or 2 Nori sheets

1/2 juice of a fresh lemon

This is the texture I like!


First Add chickpeas to a mixing bowl and lightly mash with a fork for texture. Then shred the Nori sheets and add all the ingredients to the mixing bowl. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed.

Toast the bread and prepare any other toppings like tomatoes, spinach or lettuce of desire and serve. If you make this sandwich let me a comment or tag me in social media with #veganndelicious


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