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About leftovers!

As I mentioned before don't put leftovers in a trash. Leftovers are the best for tacos, burritos and others.

I just wanted to share that I prepared Burritos with some beans and rice from yesterday's dinner. You can do the same with lentils, mushrooms etc..there is millions of combinations.

Never be afraid to mix spices and sauces. In this picture you can see the ingredients that I used for the burritos.


Leftovers (rice and beans)

Chili powder

Chipotle powder

Garlic powder

Enchilada sauce

Fire roasted red peppers

Vegan refried beans

Whole wheat tortilla wraps( I recommend Engine2diet Tortilla wraps-whole wheat and oil free)

Spinach (optional)

Cilantro (optional)


Add the rice and a can of organic beans to a non stick skillet. Then add a few fire roasted red peppers, and the rest of the ingredients. In this recipe I did not measure. It's depend on how much rice or beans you have, I added 2 or 3 cups of rice and I used 1 tsp of each one except the Chile lime because it has salt so you add this one to taste. For the Enchilada sauce I used approximately 1/2 cup but feel free to use more if you need.

Cook at medium low temperature until everything is mix and warm.

Add 1 o 2 tablespoon of the refried beans to the wrap and then add the rice mixture, cilantro ,spinach and wrap your burrito!

Enjoy! if you prepare one of my recipes don't forget to tag me in IG #veganndelicious

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